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Osteopathy seeks to unearth the root cause of your pain, not just treat your symptoms. Our Osteopaths are Musculoskeletal Experts, their knowledge and advice will set you on the road to recovery.

Expert Holistic Care


 First Osteopathy Consultation and Treatment.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic approach to healthcare that encompasses hands-on manual therapy, exercise prescription and health and lifestyle advice. Osteopaths seek to to optimise your body’s own ability to adapt and heal itself, given the right input and guidance.
“Why this pain, why this patient and why now?” Your osteopath will work with you to unearth and treat the root cause of your pain, taking into consideration not only the biomechanics of your muscles, bones and joints, but your lifestyle, diet, physical activity levels and your psychological and social well-being.

Why choose us?

No more trial and error workouts, no more generic exercise plans! With 20 years of experience in the health and Wellness industry, MG’s experienced Osteopaths will provide you with specific hands-on treatment and rehabilitation tailored to your needs by explaining the rational.
We work tirelessly to educate and empower our patients with clinic evidence-based rehabilitation. The management plan tailored to your needs will leave you well-equipped to take control of your own health with confidence.
MG Osteopathy offers a combination of osteopathic treatment alongside bespoke personal training and support all under one roof at Hackney, East London

What We Treat...

Osteopaths are specialists in treating a wide array of musculoskeletal conditions. If you’re not sure if Osteopathy can help then please Call US for a 30-min FREE consultation. 

charlotte berrington
charlotte berrington
I went to see Murat after falling down the stairs and was worried about running training afterwards. Murat put me at ease and was extremely professional. He knows what he’s talking about and even helped me with some particular stretches related to my marathon training - 5* - thanks Murat
Rose Gul
Rose Gul
I have seen Murat for my foot,leg and back pain which has been going on for a very long time. Even though i have seen many physiotherapist,osteopaths and chiroprationer before,none of their approach was as effective as Murat’s.He is very professional as well as friendly.He is a very good listener and gives you a lot of advise on your life style.After few sessions spent with him,i already feel much better both physically and mentally.
Raj K
Raj K
Very good osteopath & training centre. Murat has been helping me get better body movement, posture and become stronger and healthier. He is friendly and knowledgeable, the sessions are fun and the equipment modern.
mohamed abdulkadir
mohamed abdulkadir
I have recently attended MG osteopathy for help with my back pain. I had treatment from Murat. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. He gave me lots of advice I highly recommend it.
Nadia Selatna
Nadia Selatna
I've been having Osteopathic treatment and rehabilitation programme with Murat for over a month now. I started with severe lower back pain due to my L5-S1 disc herniation which is now not as painful as it used to be. I am doing my weight loss project with bespoke personal training and ending the sessions with recovery through Osteopathy, which really helps heal the muscles after using them so much. When you have such damage to your body a personal trainer is very important as they are experts in training you without causing any further pain to the injury you already have! Instead they help you to heal. Thank you Murat! MGOsteopathy.
Sidar Dogan
Sidar Dogan
Günaydın Sevgıli Murat Hoca Bu mesajımı sana yazdım ama ayrıca herkes okusun ve belki de gerçekten senın tedavine ıhtıyacı olan bırıne yardımcı olur dıye burda paylaşmaya karar verdım. Öncelikle okuyuculara bır açıklama: benım genetıksel eklem agrılarım çok fazlasıyla var. Mesleğim geregı boyun fıtıgı baslangıcı, kıkırdak yumuşaması, kırrclenme ve diz kapağında kayma. Çok degıl mı?:) Yaklaşık ekım ayından berı boyun ve bacak agrılarım dayanılmaz boyutlara ulaştı . Evet Murat Hoca aylardan sonra agrısız ve huzursuz bacak agrısız olmadan bir gece geçirdim. Evet bıliyorum daha calisacagız ama dıngın ve dınc bır beden ıle güne başlamak çok güzel. Ayrıca kendımı daha ince ve zarıf hıssedıyorum. Çok teşekkür ederim cuma görüşmek üzere..
Monica Hili
Monica Hili
Would highly recommend Murat to anyone in need of an osteopath. I have had some knee and hip pain, so I asked Murat`s help, who treated me brilliantly. He knew exactly what the problem was, and I felt so much better even after the first session. He was able to diagnose my underlying issues and has given me a programme of exercise. I have subsequent appointments booked with him and can`t wait to see him. I would definitely recommend giving this clinic a try. Murat has been highly professional, and the customer service is top-notch. Also he is very active in social media platforms, where Murat posts daily exercises and health advice.
Tom Dale
Tom Dale
Was unsure about personal training before visiting MG but they put me at ease straight away. Everything was clear and easy to understand. Will be signing up for more sessions.
Sherif Makhlouf
Sherif Makhlouf
Murat is quite dedicated and very knowledgeable, I went with a long lasting hip injury that was preventing me from playing football for over 6 months, after the 3rd session I was able to ease myself back in the game!! I would highly recommend him!


Initial Osteopathy
60 min. 20% Off 


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Initial Osteopathy 30 min.


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Hire a Clinic Room or Rehab Area

If you are an osteopath, massage therapist or personal trainer and are interested in seeing your clients at our private studio / Clinic, then please get in touch.

 £12.50 – 60 minutes or £35 block of 3 x 60 minutes.

  • Reception / Waiting area
  • Parking on site – book in advance
  • Wheelchair / Lift access
  • Private Personal Training area
  • Restaurant / Coffee on site




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