Does Osteopathy help for Plantar Fasciitis?

I have run 3 barefoot marathons in the past, but when you have not run for while, you must restart and build the foundations again!

I am lucky, I have never had plantar fasciitis or fascia injuries, I believe running and walking barefoot helps prevent them. But I do know and treat many people with plantar fascia or foot injuries.

Soā€¦ let me explain what is going on..

Fasciae is a connective tissue that connects the other tissues. They hold and create a good texture to move our bodies smoothly. We have fascia all over body, they are quite sensitive to pain. We have also lots of sensory and motor receptors through our proprioception network system.

When we balance and feel a different surface sensation the brain šŸ§  will adapt (flight – good response or response badly fight – pain).

There are many reason people get plantar fasciitis –

  1. When we fit our feet in to fashionable foot wear our feet šŸ¦¶ compress, we loose good tissue texture, slow down circulation and our feet start adapting the environment they are in. This is where bunions or plantar fascia problems, ankle, knee and
    hip injuries can start or get aggravated.

Shoes are like prison.

  1. If you start doing high intensity interval training (HIIT), Running or too much jumping and activity without a good foundation, you are at high risk of plantar fasciitis.

Everyone adapts and responds different and we must treat each case differently but finding the cause is essential for treatment.

I have started to introduce my clients to barefoot running, many of which have come to my Osteopathy Clinic with signs of plantar fasciitis. Results have been positive.

What we do at our Osteopathy clinic to help ?

  1. Check structural and functional dysfunction to asses what is working or not with the client input, we then work on the barefoot training pattern
  2. Look šŸ‘€ at how the client walks, how they hurt, what is aggravating and what relieves pain. More clinical tests may then be required.
  3. Asses mobility, strength and a comparison of both feet šŸ¦¶ and Legs šŸ¦µ
  4. We always check and look at your knees, hips, lower back and previous history of injuries to try to get to the true root cause of the pain.
  5. We will talk to you about our findings, treatment and potential treatment plans
  6. If a treatment plan is accepted by the clients then we follow guidelines as well as my own knowledge and experience to start treating patients which is typically, a hands on manual treatment focusing on the local and broader areas.
  7. After the 3rd treatment if everything goes well and the patient responses well then we will offer Barefoot running.

The Idea here is to get the brain šŸ§  central and peripheral neural path to reset, building some confidents in your feet šŸ‘£ we will build them strong enough to walk and jog barefoot šŸ¦¶

We always explain the rational behind this and always give the option to stop šŸ›‘ anytime.

There are many clients who I have treated who now have no plantar fasciitis complaints and are happy to walk and run barefoot regularly.

But Please šŸ™ remember you need to build your foundations first, please do not go out and run bare foot straight away, try to create some sort of cushion, let the body understand slowly the feeling of your bare foot on the ground without any socks or shoes, let your feet breath the air, connect with the mother earth šŸŒ

We are all happy to walk in sandy beaches and it always feels so good šŸ˜Š!

We are always happy to lie down on grass and chill out.

When you separate too far from mother earth, eat bad food, do not move enough, do not sleep enough what do you expectā€¦

Live longer and off course healthier by connecting with Mother Earth again.

Murat Gecmen
M.Ost, BSc(Hons)
Osteopathy and Wellness Coach

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