Rotator Cuff Injuries | Shoulder Pain & Osteopathy

Rotator cuff injuries are very common and can be treated with Osteopathy. Symptoms often include:

  • pain in the front of the shoulder
  • weakness of shoulder e.g. when lifting the arm
  • discomfort when lying on the affected side
  • reduced mobility of the shoulder/arm

There are 4 rotator cuff muscles, but the most affected one is usually the supraspinatus muscle, and its tendon, which is located on the front of the shoulder.

Osteopathy can help with rotator cuff related shoulder pain – after taking a tailored case history to understand the cause of your shoulder pain and the contributing factors, we will assess your shoulder and the surrounding joints/structures and diagnose the problem.

Shoulder pain often responds well to hands-on osteopathic treatment (massage, manipulation, dry needling and much more) alongside exercise. At MG Osteopathy, your exercise plan will be bespoke and designed to not only improve your pain, but help you get back to your usual activities pain-free.  

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