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Murat has trained me for 3 months for my wedding - I can honestly say it has been an amazing experience and he has helped me look and feel brilliant for my wedding day. He targets areas you want to and no two sessions are the same. Without his help I definitely wouldn't be feeling so confident just 5 days from getting married. 100% recommended!

I've been training with Murat for over 1 year now and I can only recommend him as a personal trainer. Over the course of 12 months, I got back in shape, lost 30kg of weight and dropped from a size 18/20 to a size 10/12. Personal Training with Murat was crucial for this transformation. He tailored the training to my abilities and fitness level, slowly ramping it up every week. I am always looking forward to training with Murat because it is challenging but fun and on top of being an expert in everything related to fitness, he is a genuinely nice guy.

I went to Murat for Personal Training sessions as I had a bad back... I only booked a few sessions and 6 months on and I am addicted. He combines usual PT skills with his rehabilitation/physio knowledge. The sessions are great and always different which keeps me on my toes as I never know what to expect! I absolutely love the sessions and would recommend MG Fitness without hesitation!

I have never trained with a personal trainer before and was a bit nervous about what to expect... but my 6 weeks of training with Jen were really enjoyable and i was amazed at how quickly my body changed in such a short space of time! Looking forward to maintaining these results at HIIT Bootcamp!

The best part of my day is when I go to MG Fitness! The studio is the perfect environment for one on one Personal Training and the trainers are excellent as they know exactly what they're doing. Having a disadvantage of a health condition hasn't stopped me from training with MG either as the trainers know how to work with it and improve the condition. I recommend MG Fitness to anyone.

Amazing support from everyone at MG Fitness whilst training for my first London Marathon. Strengthening sessions with him invaluable and felt I really benefitted from the one to one instruction at an unpretentious, friendly but totally professional fitness gym/studio. Would absolutely recommend!

Great buggy fitness class! Murat & Jonny are lovely and the atmosphere is very relaxed so you can tend to baby whenever needed. Perfect for getting back into excel use!

The HIIT Bootcamp classes are great and varied, both Jonny and Murat are very knowledgeable trainers and passionate about what they do. I highly recommend the MG Fitness Studio.

Finally, in middle age, I find an exercise I like doing, and that actually gets results - Bootcamp Shoreditch Park rocks!

Absolutely superb. I started HIIT Bootcamp in March 2013 for 8 sessions and now here I am one year on quitting my gym to become a fully signed up member. MG has transformed the way I think about exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. Murat offers sound advice, tips and body mechanic tips. Enrol now!

This year, my main January resolution was to focus more on fitness and shaping my body. So I started looking for a personal trainer around Haggerston, and after a few Google searches found MG Fitness. Honestly, I don't think I could have found a better place! Not only are Murat and Jonny super lovely and very professional, but they are also so attentive to their clients that everyone gets a perfectly bespoke training, based on their objectives and personalities. It's fun, inspiring, with the perfect level of challenge, Super highly recommended!

Murat and Jennifer rock! Great Help and Motivation on fitness and nutrition, and a great group of people to share the experience with. Highly recommended.

HIIT Bootcamp with Murat and Rebecca was great. We had a group of 8 friends and met 3 new ladies and became an almighty team. After 2 weeks you can definitely feel a difference in fitness levels and drop down a size. My energy levels increased and I didn't even mind getting up at 6am every morning. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that needs a kickstart as it gives you the determination that chocolate and cheese can sometimes steal away. Do it.

About to run the London Marathon 2017, again, something I thought I would never be able to do... This time last year a big part of getting me to the starting line was Personal Training with Murat, helping me work on my form and core strength to recover from injuring my back and leg 10 weeks from the day... Gave me the confidence to be at the starting line, and prove I could make the finish. Loved the yoga classes on a Sunday morning too; great guys in a great space, couldn't recommend them more!

HIIT Bootcamp with Murat and Rebecca was great - I would highly recommend it. Although the early starts and the intense regime were daunting at first (particularly to someone who didn't previously exercise), I felt supported and encouraged and am now keen to continue to work out. Results were great, as well as losing weight, I felt more energetic and fit. I would definitely recommend this.

Murat and Jonny are excellent. I've been training with them since May and it's been completely life changing. They know their sports science extremely well and they knew exactly what I needed to do for my knackered knees. When I say I'm completely changed, it's no exaggeration.

I highly recommend mg fitness! The trainers are great, the fitness classes is friendly and I have seen results which I'm very happy about. I feel a lot fitter and my health is better.

I have been working with Jonny for a few months now. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy every session, I have also seen great results both in my body and mind. I have always been a relatively fit person but this kind of weight training has added a whole new dimension, has visibly impacted how my body looks and feels and is also giving me a boost in mental strength. Looking forward to more sessions. Thanks, Jonny!

I've worked out all my life, from fitness boxing, rugby, tennis, inlines aerobics, Crossfit and body pump. I recently moved to London, joined a gym and went to a few classes of spinning every week but found it very boring. After seeing a voucher online about MG Fitness I decided to buy it and try it out. I joined for one month, with 3 sessions each week and it has been really good! Murat makes an effort to differentiate the training every time, from running, boxing to core training and using a harness. I am very happy that I joined and now once my voucher has run out I'm buying another month due to the great results and great fun I've had.

We (my partner Jo and myself) have trained with Murat for about 2 years, and it's been one of the best things we've done for a long time, as MG Fitness has helped us a lot in relation to keeping our fitness levels high in a busy work life, where there isn't much time to work out.

Couldn't recommend MG Fitness highly enough if you want to start really getting fit with no excuses. My husband and I both signed up for two individual sessions each a week and has seen fast effects. I dropped a dress size quickly and have improved my posture. I'm also eating healthier and taking better care of myself under Murat's guidance. Even if you did nothing else, just these two sessions a week will make the necessary difference. He's dedicated his life to sports science, nutrition and fitness so MG is a true fitness professional.

MG Fitness is a very professional and effective personal training company. I really enjoyed the HIIT boot camp classes at Shoreditch Park and they fit perfectly into my schedule. He helped me get in shape for my wedding and I was very happy with the results. I would highly recommend it!

I have been training with Murat and Jennifer for almost two months. My results have been impressive, I am stronger, fitter and more muscular than ever. I plan to continue working out with Murat and Jen for the foreseeable future! Highly recommended and fun.

Great training, very diverse exercises, super nice and motivating staff, awesome people! Despite the early time - it is so worth to get up for morning practice!

Murat and his team are great! We took 12 personal training sessions and it was hard work, but we learnt a lot on our body, how to exercise to be efficient and our coach was very helpful and encouraging! Definitely worth doing! We've seen our body differently since! How to take care of it! Very good experience!

I have been having Personal Training sessions with Jonny at MG Fitness for 4 months and couldn't be happier. I actively look forward to my sessions even though they are at 6am, the hour flies by and I feel great after every session. Friends have commented that I look more toned and it is early days. Jonny keeps the sessions varied and engaging with a range of exercise and good conversation too, and knows just when and how far to push me. I feel fitter and stronger than I have ever been, and am enjoying setting mini goals like achieving press ups and pull ups! Before beginning these sessions, I wasn't sure whether personal training was for me, but now I feel like if I could afford to do it for the rest of my life I would. Really can't recommend highly enough - these guys are the best - true professionals.

Have been going to this Boot Camp for nearly a year and highly recommend it. you get the whole package. Fitness, nutrition advice, sports massage. Jenny & Jonny know how to push you to get results and still keep things fun. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about fitness. During Boot Camp you are constantly monitored and corrected for good posture.

Great personal trainer - loads of knowledge of lots of disciplines makes for really well balanced sessions but always challenging.

We just came back from Murat's fitness and detox camp in Turkey and was amazing life changing experience. Highly recommended if you want to kickstart a healthier lifestyle Murat is great guy and knows what he is talking about especially when it comes to how your body works and if you take his advices on board your fitness levels will go up you'll lose weight and will feel energised 🙂 Thanks Murat 🙂

I have joined MG Fitness in January 2015 to have a 12 session personal training just to learn to do exercises correctly. I start feeling the changes in my body than I tried the Bootcamp I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the Murat's effort to motivate us more and more into the healthy lifestyle. I liked his sentence he constantly repeats "you should make sports part of your life like eating and drinking water" I am now addicted to my boot camp even when I go holiday I miss it so much.

I have, of course, tried so many places in my life since my goal always was to lose weight. Various gym memberships and personal training sessions with no particular commitment from myself. I found MG Fitness through Google since it is only 10 min walk away from where I live. It is a private PT studio. Not a gym. Murat got me straight away, he understands your needs and he adjusts to your individual strengths and works on your weaknesses.

Murat and the team are a great outfit. I was looking to shape up for my wedding and had tried the usual strategies before to get fit: signing up for triathlons and expensive gyms. Neither really worked for me. Personal training with Murat was the push I needed, especially on the dark winter mornings when I felt like sleeping in instead! Murat takes the time to learn what you are after and tailor his programs accordingly. He doesn't go easy on you - but I knew it was working!

This is a great outfit and I recommend it to anybody. I signed up for six weeks, hoping to lose a bit of weight over the summer. I trained with Pilar at the boot camp in London Fields and had a couple of sessions with Murat, too. All I have to say is that in July I was 86kg and by September I was 79kg. The sessions are fun and supportive and, although I left exhausted, I always felt the trainers were on my side and I never found the workouts totally impossible. Prices are very reasonable, too - but be sure to budget for the new jeans you'll need afterwards.

I have been seeing Murat for personal training sessions twice a week for well over year and highly recommend both the Personal Training and Boot Camp sessions. Murat's energy and enthusiasm as well as the bespoke and varied sessions keep it fun and most importantly achieve the results and goals we have set over this period.

After just 6 weeks of Personal Training with Murat I noticed a difference in my level of fitness. I wanted to get toned for my wedding and have more energy. You never walk away feeling like you don't want to go back. Murat makes the sessions fun and tailors them to your needs. He loves to share food ideas and encourages you to push yourself to reach your goals.

Great local personal training studio - I've had a fantastic one on one sessions with Jonny. He is encouraging, very knowledgeable and put together a personalized agenda that allowed me to train despite a back condition. Highly recommended.

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