We offer half price osteopathy consultation & treatment. Check your eligibility to receive concession rate osteopathy today.


Full-time students 18-25 years old.

65 + years old.

Individuals in receipt of benefits, and their dependents.

If you’re qualify for an MG concessionary rate, please bring along a document of proof to your first visit. If you don’t qualify for a concessionary rate but don’t think you can afford our full fees then please call on 0780 9575 299.  

We are more than happy to help you.

Concessions are available Monday to Friday, 1-4 PM


Initial Consultation
Up to 45 min.


Follow-up session
Up to 30 min.
Pain doesn’t discriminate, it can affect us all.
Every penny you donate helps us to treat a patient whose circumstances don’t allow them to afford full price osteopathy. 
Support our the MG Osteopathy Concession Fund.
Let’s help each other.
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